Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Uncertainty Principle

But Heisenberg did not focus on the mathematics of quantum mechanics, he was primarily concerned with establishing that the uncertainty is actually a property of the world

It's so exciting to learn that quantum physics has a direct correlation to the conception of our reality. Philosophy and science belong together when we realize that is in fact impossible to be certain of anything. In it's existence, uncertainty proves to be the only certainty. Oh the irony of our existence runs so deep.

quantum field theory

These force carrying particles are virtual particles and, by definition, cannot be detected while carrying the force, because such detection will imply that the force is not being carried.

Particles that cannot be detected while carrying the force? Their intrinsic existence necessitates the inability to detect their existence. If they are doing what they are supposed to be doing you cannot detect them. I wonder how much more of the universe exists in this way. How many things are there that you cannot detect, because if you were to realize that they were there they would not be active. Fuck this is intense.
I've definitely met someone who makes me only like to hang out with myself or them. It's quite weird to spend this much time thinking about how nice it feels to have someone who really understands where you are coming from. It's nice to know there is someone out there who thinks that my abstractions are adorable. To be physically compatible as well is unbelievable, it feels unbelievable to actually fit with someone. Lie down and rest comfortably in the outline of their body. It's like there is just room for you. Wow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So I fucked up, ate non raw foods and now feel like I'm going to puke out of my pores. Uh oh.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the raw food fast. I'm pretty excited but also somewhat apprehensive. I know it is going to be difficult but I'm going to focus and battle the cravings for starch and complex proteins.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I feel as though I've been preconditioned to feel wrong in this. But the honest truth is that I feel as though even though it used to be a digression it no longer is. I feel as though I've mastered the digression and become able to reap the benefits of it. Taking the positive from the negative, changing the exposure of life, the brightness or dark. Becoming able to control the light. The brightness of life is just like the brightness of light. If you are surrounded by light you can see more, so thus you can perceive things more clearly; see them in their truest light. When the lights are fully turned on you can see everything, you can control the brightness of your perception. The happiness in your life. It's unbelievable how much positivity is such a fufilling way of seeing things. Although you can experience anguish and be aware of it's presence you become aware of it in a positive light. I suppose it's almost as though anguish has it's worth, in it's presence it serves as a context for happiness, for without anguish would we really understand happiness?

Just as an example, such a random one as well very situationally based one. The light in my room right now is the perfect. It isn't too bright but if you look directly at the lights they glow with such a perfect intensity it's interesting. I don't know what I like about the stark minimalism of my room but it's almost as though everything just coexists in a very 'composed' way. It' s just the light in the room creates such rich shadows and tones. Lot's of potent highlights. It's just well developed. I believe I'm now creating an art critique of the aesthetic appeal of my room but I'm enjoying a train of uninterrupted thought (except when I pause to try and figure out the spelling of a certain word.)

I'm listening to the stars (the band, not the things in the sky) I really like to listen to this band on a once in a while basis. It's really melodic and sensory, pretty rhythmic and memorable. I guess you could say it's 'catchy' I don't know. I just like it, it's very light. I adore the sound and lightness of this girl's voice, really airy i like it.



Was a good day for a few different reasons. Although today's accomplishments and smiles were based in small terms they served just as potent as the most grandoise of revelations. Today I realized the effectiveness of citrus fruit as an energizer. I know that seems very mundane and trivial but really, it my attempts to rid myself from the reliance of caffeine it proves very useful. Citrus fruit; the unsung energizing breakfast food of champions. Today also showed me the awesome power of keeping busy. Keeping busy makes time pass more quickly, it makes the day seem more rewarding and productive. I have such a great love for productivity, I don't know why but it makes me feel alive. It makes me feel energetic and happy. I like being productive because it puts a tangible worth to my actions. It shows that the ends justifies the means, that effort manifests into substance. I like being productive, I am happiest when being productive.